Graham Hancock’s Resource

After listening to Dr. Michael Heiser’s podcast on the Fate of the Arc of the Covenant, I learned that Heiser is a resource for Hancock. Heiser has critical reviews of some of Hancock’s suppositions but credits him for drawing interest to the fields of ancient cultures, archaeology and the mysteries of God.

Heiser provided a link for the most recent find using the copper scroll treasure map.


Why Do UFO’s Hang Out Around Nukes?

UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, may now be found at Amazon and Amazon Prime.

Dr. Michael Heiser gives a critical review saying that Robert Hastings is a serious person in ufology. Finally a credible UFO report.

Could it be that the inter-dimensionals don’t want us messing up the planet before they can take it from us. Perhaps IDs are the inspiration for the over-the-top climate control agenda. This kind of undocumented alien is in it for global domination not just a country.