The book, September Mourning is a fiction, historical, mystery, eschatological, adventure story. This blog is to discuss the concepts presented in the book which are represented by the key words or phrases:

Nephilim (Angel Human Hybrids), Sibylline Prophecies, Conscitrons, Interdimensional Immortals, Cosmic Messaging, Blood Moons and Revelation 12 Alignment, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), Cyclopean Architecture, Biblical Numerology, Torah Code, Divine Council, Sins of the Watchers, Apophenia, Quantum Healing, Supernatural Intervention, Fatal Globalism, Christian Zionism, Fake Fake News, Shemitah, HAARP Interference, Washington’s Vision, Genetic Manipulation, CERN Agenda, Abductions, Book of Enoch, The Great Deception, A Great Wonder in the Sky….

For the history buff there are several characters to discuss:

Sir Isaac Newton, C.S. Lewis, Orgen, Boudica, Queen Elizabeth, Tuccia, George Washington, Sigmund Freud, Charlie Siringo, Nicolas Tesla, Napoleon Bonaparte, Margaret Sanger, Abraham Lincoln…

And several interesting time periods such as 69 AD in Londinium, 202 AD in Alexandria, 1023 AD in Malta, 1938 AD in Austria, 1947 AD New Mexico, 1967 AD Jerusalem.