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Interview Questions
1. What authors or novels is ‘September Mourning’ like?
2. How much of what you wrote about do you think is true?
3. What movies would you compare the book to?
4. Why did you write the book?
5. How did you decide on characters?
6. What was Hitler’s pact with the Devil?
7. Is this a politically correct book?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is writing about a conversation with a demon participating in ‘necromancy’?

2. Are aliens, extra-terrestrials and UFOs real?

3. Is there numerology in the Bible?

4. Is there astrology in the Bible?

5. Do people have the ability to read minds, travel in time, disappear, and re-appear?

6. What was Hitler’s pact with the Devil?

7. Do artifacts have supernatural power?

8. Are the ‘End of the World’ types doom and gloom or have evidence for an extra-dimensional world?

9. Are the Blood Moons part of a countdown time-line that is still playing out?

10. What was the Great Disappointment of 1844?