Roswell Was A Cover-Up And Aliens Was Just The Cover

Read another confession that there were no aliens. Dr. Heiser’s theory is presented in his fictional novels:

The absence of bodies, however, does not undermine some sort of WWII or Cold War era experiment being behind the Roswell incident. As readers of my fiction (The Façade) know, I think that’s the case, and I still think the nature of the explanation is sinister, involving Operation PAPERCLIP personnel (Nazis) and certain technological pursuits. I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Majestic documents that purport to report on the Roswell crash contain elements of Nazi-era photo-chemical process for producing Uranium 233.1 A good case can be made for the viability of this process, while dispensing with some of the more bizarre theories about the Nazi “Bell” technology. Granted, this isn’t the only way to parse the available data and its scattered presence in certain Majestic documents, but it’s on the table for me. No ETs needed, but still something the U.S. government would have a high interest in covering up … and for which a concocted conspiracy about alien craft would provide a workable diversion.


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