Did Nixon Have Begich Murdered?

FBI Telex Proves That Hale Boggs’ Plane Was FoundBut FBI Conceals Telex From American PublicWas The NSA’s Signals Intelligence Technology Involved?
From the above interview, Dr. Begich is clearly familiar with the following Nixon White House tape of April 6, 1971, which contains a conversation between President Richard Nixon and Majority leader Gerald Ford. Nixon is heard telling Ford that he does not trust Hale Boggs, and that something is going to have to be done about it.

The main concern that Nixon had was that Congressman Boggs had accused J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI of illegally wiretapping himself, and several other members of Congress, who at the time suspected that there was a conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy, and openly expressed their concerns that the Warren Commission was a fraud.

Dr. Nick Begich Talks About The FBI’s Involvement In The Murders Of His Father Congressman Nick Begich & Congressman Hale Boggs

Dr. Nick Begich is the author of “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”


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